After a Year of Isolation, People Want to be Near Their Families & Some are Faced with the Question: What Level of Care does my Loved One Need After a Year of Isolation, People Want to be Near Their Families & Some are Faced with the Question: What Level of Care does my Loved One Need

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Over the past we have all gained a new perspective on life and many people’s priorities have (inevitably) changed. Considerations such as distance from family members, especially elders, are influencing relocations in a major way. The opportunity to work remotely has allowed more people to choose where they live based on reasons other than proximity to the office and commute time.

The combination of heightened concerns about the health of older family members, the inability to travel to them during the pandemic and the presumed risk of in-person visits even when COVID-safe travel became an option has motivated many people to re-think their living situation (geographically speaking). As a result, millions of Americans have chosen to permanently relocate to be closer to family.

In many cases, the choice to relocate means family members can help care for older generations—an ideal situation for elders who are in good health and remain mostly independent. Alternatively, for those who are more dependent or in poor health some must make the difficult decision to move their loved ones to a senior care facility where they will receive the care they need.  For most, the very idea of transitioning a loved one from home to a senior care facility is extremely overwhelming and emotional. The weight of the decision can feel isolating, so it is important to remember that the support you need is available.

*Delegate simpler tasks to family/ friends in the area or hire professionals to ease the burden.

*Encourage younger family members to visit (if safe to do so), call, send cards or video chat with the elder(s).

*Find a supportive community to lean on and don’t be afraid to ask for their insight.

June Duncan of Rise Up For Caregivers provides support for those who, like her, have accepted the responsibility of caring for an elder. In her latest blog, June outlines options to consider as you “navigate this new responsibility and journey:”

Getting Seniors the Care They Need (And How to Pay for It),

Being a family caregiver for your aging or disabled loved one can be – or at least seem like – a full-time job, only without pay and often with less sleep. It’s difficult enough to watch your loved ones decline when you’re not existing in an era of pandemic social isolation, but the extra challenges of worrying about contracting the virus, to keeping medication in stock, can enhance the creeping feeling of inevitability that surrounds you as you realize you are getting closer to the reality of making necessary decisions regarding long-term care (READ MORE).


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