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As a business owner, there may come a time when you’ll need to move office locations. It may be due to increased staff size, operation upscaling or other things, but at the end of the day, you’ll need to transport all your office equipment and assets to a new location. And for that, we highly recommend hiring commercial movers to make the process easier. Exela Movers is a moving company that provides an efficient and well-managed moving process. With us, you can be assured that your office move is being handled by experts!

Commercial Moving Checklist

To minimize interruptions with your daily operations and make your commercial move faster, it’s important to have a checklist. Don’t have one yet? You can use our guide below:

Plan Ahead: Start planning your commercial move well in advance to allow for a seamless transition. Establish a timeline and allocate resources accordingly.

Create a Moving Committee: Form a moving committee or designate a project manager to oversee the entire moving process. Assign specific tasks and responsibilities to team members to ensure a coordinated effort.

Evaluate New Space: Conduct a thorough evaluation of the new commercial space to determine its layout, dimensions and any specific requirements. This will help in planning the placement of furniture, equipment and other items.

Notify Stakeholders: Inform all relevant stakeholders about the upcoming move, including employees, clients, vendors and service providers. Clearly communicate the moving date, new address and any changes that may affect them.

Set a Budget: Establish a budget for the commercial move, including costs for moving services, packing materials, storage (if required) and any additional expenses that may arise.

Hire Professional Commercial Movers: Research and hire a reputable commercial moving company like ours that is experienced in handling office relocations. Obtain quotes, check references and ensure they have the necessary expertise and equipment for a smooth move.

Create a Floor Plan: Develop a detailed floor plan for the new space, including the placement of workstations, offices, conference rooms and common areas. This will help streamline the moving process and minimize disruptions.

Inventory and Purge: Take inventory of all furniture, equipment and supplies to determine what needs to be moved and what can be discarded, donated or sold. This will help streamline the packing process and reduce unnecessary clutter.

Update Contact Information: Notify clients, vendors and service providers of your new address and contact information. Update your website, online directories, business cards and any other marketing materials with the new details.

Arrange for IT and Telecommunications: Coordinate with your IT department or service providers to ensure a smooth transition of your computer systems, network infrastructure and telecommunication services to the new location.

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