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Every family dreads moving away from their home and settling into a new one. There are so many things that will run across your mind that planning the moving process alone can be stressful. Make it easier for yourself and your family by hiring professional residential movers to assist you in your big move. And when it comes to local moving companies around Boston, MA, Exela Movers is a trusted name. We can help you manage the move and deliver all your belongings safely and swiftly!

What to Avoid While Planning Your Residential Move

Every residential move needs a plan, and there are many things to consider to create the best one for you and your family. However, it’s also important to note what not to do during a residential move, here are several of them:

Procrastination: Avoid leaving everything to the last minute. Start planning and organizing your move well in advance to avoid unnecessary stress and complications.

Not Researching Moving Companies: Don’t settle for the first moving company you come across. Take the time to research and gather quotes from multiple reputable moving companies. Read reviews, check their credentials and ensure they are licensed and insured (like us!).

Underestimating Costs: Avoid underestimating the costs associated with your move. Consider all the expenses, including moving services, packing supplies, transportation, storage options and any additional services required. Create a realistic budget to avoid financial setbacks.

Not Decluttering: Moving offers an excellent opportunity to declutter and get rid of items you no longer need. Avoid the mistake of packing and moving unnecessary belongings. Take the time to declutter your home and donate, sell or discard items that you don’t use or want anymore.

Lack of Packing Organization: Don’t pack haphazardly without proper organization. Plan your packing strategy, pack room by room and label boxes clearly with their contents and designated rooms. This will make unpacking much easier and save you time and effort.

Ignoring Insurance Coverage: Neglecting to consider insurance coverage for your belongings during the move can be a costly mistake. Make sure you understand the insurance options provided by your moving company or consider obtaining additional coverage to protect your valuable items.

Failing to Notify Important Parties: Avoid forgetting to notify important parties about your move. Inform utility companies, banks, insurance providers, the post office and relevant service providers about your address change. Update your address for subscriptions, memberships and any other relevant accounts.

Not Allowing Enough Time for Packing: Packing always takes longer than expected. Don’t leave packing until the last minute. Start early and give yourself ample time to pack your belongings carefully. Rushed packing can result in damaged or misplaced items.

Your Local Movers!

Exela Movers is the residential movers you can always count on to help you move to your new home. We are highly trained and passionate about what we do, and you can rest assured that we will handle all your belongings with great care.
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