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Moving isn’t just about getting the packages to a new location—there are times when some things deviate from the plan and you’ll need to store your items and belongings in a safe place. It may be due to sudden issues in the area you’re moving into, or there is simply not enough space to accommodate all your items immediately. Fortunately, Exela Movers offers moving and storage services for all your needs! Our storage facilities are highly secure, built with climate control systems and are constantly monitored, so you can rest assured that the items you store with us are safe.

Why Consider Storage Services?

As we said earlier, sometimes there are unexpected turns of events or certain problems within the area you’re moving in, making it difficult to move all your packages in one go. Here are several reasons why you should consider storage solutions in your moving plan:

Flexibility: Storage provides you with flexibility during the moving process. If there is a gap between moving out of your current home and moving into your new one, or if you need temporary storage for certain items, having access to a storage facility allows you to store your belongings safely until you’re ready to move them to your new home.

Space Optimization: If you’re downsizing or transitioning to a smaller living space, storage can help you optimize your living space by temporarily or long-term storing items that you may not have space for in your new home. This is especially useful for items with sentimental value or seasonal items that are not frequently used.

Home Staging: If you’re planning to sell your current home, utilizing storage can help with home staging. By decluttering and removing excess furniture and personal belongings, you can create a more spacious and visually appealing environment for potential buyers. This can increase the chances of a successful sale and potentially attract higher offers.

Renovation or Remodeling: If you’re planning renovations or remodeling in your new home, storing your furniture and belongings can protect them from potential damage during construction work. It allows for a cleaner and more efficient renovation process without the need to constantly move items around or worry about them getting in the way.

Moving Delays or Transition Periods: Sometimes, unexpected delays can occur during a move, such as closing date changes, construction delays or other unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, having access to storage can provide a temporary solution to safely store your belongings until the moving process can be completed.

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