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What will Allston Christmas look like In the Time of Covid?

July 15, 2020
Exela Movers

September 1st, AKA: Allston Christmas--it's a storied tradition here in Boston. With about 65%-75% of apartment leases in Boston beginning on September 1st, you could say despite the fun-sounding name, it isn’t exactly a “holiday” that Bostonians await with childlike-anticipation.…

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Summertime & The Moving’s Easy

July 9, 2020
Exela Movers

Summertime & The Moving’s Easy   All across Massachusetts, we eagerly anticipate the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which we lovingly refer to as Summer. For 9 months of the year, we count down: awaiting the sunshine, bodies…

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We are honored to be considered an essential business during this coronavirus pandemic. Our staff at Exela Movers is working hard to keep you safe. Our teams are well- equipped with masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers. Our trucks are disinfected daily. Additionally, our usual in- home estimates are being performed via scheduled video conferencing to limit exposures. Lastly, our employees are encouraged to quarantine at home if they are unwell. If you or your family is unwell, please reach out to one of our staff members, and we will reschedule your move with no questions asked, and no penalty to you. Together, we can get through this. Please contact us for your free estimate at, or call us at 857-312-3381. Close