Exela Movers Puts The Spotlight on Brookline, MA Exela Movers Puts The Spotlight on Brookline, MA

Exela Movers Puts The Spotlight on Brookline, MA

Choosing a new city to move to is never easy and choosing a new place to live near your new job isn’t any easier. You want your new place to live to be in just the right place. You want to be close to your job and close to grocery stores, schools, restaurants, and the other necessities, but you might not want to be right in the middle of things.

There are many neighborhoods and suburbs in the Boston area, so moving here is an exciting experience. Exela Movers knows how hard it is to find the right place, which is why we’re casting the spotlight on Brookline, Massachusetts.

About Brookline, Massachusetts

Brookline, Massachusetts, is part of the Boston Metropolitan area, about 4 miles from Downtown Boston. It is one of seven historic districts in the metro area and the birthplace of John F. Kennedy, who was the 35th President of the United States.

Brookline is an urban area that still has that small-town feel. This means that even though you might be right in the center of things, it doesn’t feel like you are. You hardly need a personal vehicle when you live in Brookline since it’s a highly walkable, bicycle-friendly area with excellent public transportation.

There are many local shops in Brookline, so shopping locally is easy. If you live here, you can choose from many great restaurants and coffee shops. You’re also close to hospitals, several parks, and museums.

Things To Do In Brookline

When you live in Brookline, Massachusetts, there is no shortage of things to do to fill your time. You can visit Larz Anderson Park all year round. The park contains a baseball field, a community garden, a dog park, and a playground. During the winter months, there’s even a skating rink.

You could also visit The Street on Boylston Street in the Chestnut Hill District. The street is an outdoor mall that contains a movie theater, several eateries, a coffee shop, a medical center, and many other shops.

There’s also the Coolidge Corner Theater, an independent theater specializing in international, documentary, animated, and independent series and films. It was initially built in 1906 as a Universalist church but became an Art Deco movie palace in 1933.

Why are you still waiting? Brookline, Massachusetts, is a great place to work, live and play. Contact us today or call us at +1 857-312-3381 to make Brookline, Massachusetts your new home.

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