Interstate Moving Service That Prioritizes You Interstate Moving Service That Prioritizes You

Interstate Moving Service That Prioritizes You

The Traditional System for Moving Out-of-State is Completely Out-of-Date. So, we’re Calling Out the Interstate Moving Industry and Making Changes that focus on the Customer Experience.

With more people than ever On The Move, why are so many people still settling for an outdated, complicated and unreasonable process for moving Out-Of-State? 

Shouldn’t the Moving Company that you hire handle the entire move

We think so!

…But that is not the standard operating procedure for most Interstate Moves (beyond a certain radius from where a company is based). If you are working with a Van Line Affiliated Company, that is not how it works. Instead, there is a frustratingly complex system of transfers that delays your delivery, sometimes for up to a month. When you’re starting a New Life in a New City, the last thing you want to worry about is when your belongings will arrive (and what condition they’ll be in!).

Now, we’re not trying to say that the companies that use this model are doing anything wrong–they are simply Doing It The Way It’s Always Been Done.  And we would never presume that any company is intentionally mishandling customers’ belongings, but with so many people and places and transfers involved, the cards are stacked against them. 


So, after hearing the same complaints over and over again…

“It took forever to get my belongings!”

“Many of my belongings were broken or missing!”

“My last out-of-state moving experience was a mess, it was terrible…”

…Many Smaller Companies
, including Exela Movers, are getting on board with an Interstate Move Model that offers Direct Delivery without the middleman. 

Now that seems a lot more reasonable (and a lot less stressful!), right?

This Point-to-Point move Model prioritizes Customer Service above industry standard. When the same Company is in control from Start-to-Finish, there is less room for error which means more Happy Customers at the end of the Day!

If you’re planning a Long Distance Move, contact Exela Movers today! You’ll have the Peace of Mind of knowing that Exela will  Handle your Move from Start-to-Finish and Deliver Directly. Request an Estimate to get the process started, because the sooner you start, the sooner you can get settled and begin life in your New City! 



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“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

                                                                             –Buckminster Fuller

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