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Spotlight on Somerville MA

Even if you live several times, there will always be one thing you’ll wish you’d have done better. Before you move, you need to have a plan that ensures that everything is in track. A good plan relieves you of any stress and makes the next few weeks free of frustration. You can feel overwhelmed with the budget, the schedule, choosing a moving company, packing, and so many others. However, a reliable moving company will walk you through the entire process. Here is what you need to know to make the right moving plan in Somerville MA.

Create a Timeline and Moving Schedule

Creating a timeline with a list of activities to be carried out helps you make the move easy. For starters, set the date of the move at least a month away. This gives you ample time to prepare. You can even set the date of the move to be two months away.

Start by getting organized with a folder where you can place the moving paperwork. After that, sort your items and choose a moving company. From there, set timelines for the following tasks:

  • Get moving supplies
  • Plan a garage sale for the items you will not take during the move
  • Notify the schools where your kids study
  • Get medical records from your doctor
  • Start packing items you do not use most
  • Notify the utility companies at least four weeks before the move
  • Notify the landlord or the neighbors
  • Make arrangements for pets and plants in the home
  • Transfer your insurance
  • Take care of the car
  • Change your address
  • Plan on how to use up the food in your home
  • Start packing and take care of valuables
  • Dispose of any items you do not need
  • Make arrangements to have the new home cleaned
  • Confirm with your mover on time and date
  • Pack your essential kit
  • Keep your important documents close
  • Defrost and clear the refrigerator

On the day of the move, you need to do a final sweep to ensure that everything is all set. All along, work with your movers to ensure that everything runs as it should. Your mover in Somerville MA can guide you on the nitty gritties of the move. Help the movers identify any fragile items so that they will know how to pack them in the moving vehicle. If you have valuable items, keep them with you at all times.

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