Quality Moving Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank Quality Moving Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Quality Moving Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Follow these Steps to Maximize your Move Budget 

With Housing Prices reaching Historic Highs in Boston and the surrounding areas, it’s not surprising that many residents are looking for the most budget-friendly moving option. But sticking to a budget should not mean sacrificing quality.

  1. Start by Organizing and Purging your belongings; so your inventory is finalized prior to getting Estimates for your Move
  2. Use keywords like “Budget” and “Affordable” in your search; cross reference your finding with Customer Review Sites like Google & Yelp before obtaining Move Estimates.
  3. Request Estimates from 3-5 Moving Companies and leverage the pricing from each to score the best deal.

*Pro Tip: Ask about Current Promos; find out if hourly rates are different for midweek or mid-month move; or if the Moving Company offers a discount for cash payment

  1. Ask each Moving Company that you are considering to come for a walk-through of your home and give a Not-To-Exceed Total or Binding Estimate
  2. Take Measurements and Plan where each item will go in the new home, so you can give the movers specific instructions
  3. Consider using Box Save plastic moving crates which are environmentally friendly AND make packing more efficient, plus No Need For Tape! Order your moving crates today and mention this referral for a 10% discount

Ultimately, Being Prepared keeps you in control of the cost, so the sooner you start planning, the better. At Exela Movers, you work directly with the Owner to customize a plan that fits your needs and your budget. Request an Estimate today and Exela’s Owner will follow up to schedule the home walk-through. During the walk-through, Exela’s representative will provide specific information that will help keep our crew moving quickly and help you stick to your budget!

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