Spotlight on Lincoln Spotlight on Lincoln

Spotlight on Lincoln

With 100+ towns and cities comprising Metro Boston, it’s hard to know where to start your home search–especially if you’re relocating from Out-of-State. To give another frame of reference, we’re Spotlighting some of these great local areas…

Extraordinary, Rare, Remarkable, Fascinating…These are not usually the first words that come to mind to describe The Suburbs. But Lincoln, MA is all of that and more: Located 25 miles Northwest of Boston, just on the other side of the 95/128 loop, the quaint town is nestled between Lexington and Concord. In fact, what is now Lincoln was first settled in the mid-1600s as part of Concord, but separated to become its own town about a century later. Because of those big name neighbors, Lincoln ends up flying just under the radar.

Small in both population and area, Lincoln residents value its unique charm and rural feel–and they intend to keep it that way. About 35% of the town’s area (or 4 square miles) has been protected as conservation lands which includes 80 miles of hiking trails

Lincoln also prides itself on Historic Preservation with the Town Center Historic District and several other registered sites throughout town–and this is where things get interesting…

Heading through Lincoln, it’s no surprise to find many stunning Colonial and Revolutionary War Era homes and buildings; the truly remarkable find is the Woods End Road Historic District, the site of four architectural masterpieces in the Modern/ International Style of Architecture. One of the homes, Gropius House, which is named for the Bauhaus architect who designed it as his personal residence, is now a museum.  Clearly, Lincoln isn’t relying on its proximity to Boston to make it an interesting place to call home. All these great benefits do come with a price tag to match, but Lincoln still comes in at lower cost per square feet than the surrounding towns. 

Whether you’re cruising by historical sites, having family time at Flint’s Pond recreation area, exploring one of the lush local farms, indulging in a tasting at Turtle Creek Winery, or touring the 30 acre deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum there is no question that Lincoln is one impressive little village!

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