Spotlight on Lynnfield MA Spotlight on Lynnfield MA

Spotlight on Lynnfield MA

Lynnfield, MA, is a suburb of Boston. It is located to the southeast of Boston, close to the coastline. About 13,000 people live in Lynnfield, making it seem like a small town, but being so close to a major city, it’s more of an extension of Boston.

Lynnfield was once part of the town of Lynn, but at one point the residents here decided to split the area into two towns. That is how Lynnfield came about while Lynn itself remained its own separate entity. Like most connected small towns and suburbs, you can’t really tell where Lynnfield begins and ends without driving into the next town. 

Salem Witch Trials and American Revolution Sites

While Lynnfield doesn’t exactly have strong connections to the Salem Witch Trials, the city was founded and did have settlers during those infamous times. It allows for school children to take field trips to Salem and learn about history up close and personal. Other field trips head north to Boston to see the sites of Paul Revere’s famous ride and other American Revolution sites.

That doesn’t mean you should shortchange Lynnfield. It does have a historical society and a local museum. They’re worth visiting if you move to Lynnfield.

Speaking of Schools…

There are two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school here. All of the students in Lynnfield attend the public schools without leaving the village. There’s also a private Catholic school available. 

The schools have received high ratings for student safety, education, and high rates of graduation. Classroom sizes are typical, with less than 30 students per class. Children are able to get one-on-one attention when needed. 

One of the Safest Suburbs in Massachusetts

Crime rates are considerably low in Lynnfield. No murders have been reported in recent years, and an almost negligible number of violent crimes have been reported. That makes Lynnfield a very safe place to live. 

If you are moving to Lynnfield to start a new job here, you could easily walk or bike to work and feel safe doing so. There are buses and a taxi service if you don’t have a car. Kids usually walk to school, and very few take the school buses because most families live close enough to the schools.

Moving to Lynnfield, MA?

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