Spotlight on Melrose Spotlight on Melrose

Spotlight on Melrose

With 100+ towns and cities comprising Metro Boston, it’s hard to know where to start your home search–especially if you’re relocating from Out-of-State. To give another frame of reference, we’re Spotlighting some of these great local areas…

From the highest point of Mt. Hood Golf Course, you can see the skyline of downtown Boston in the distance less than 10 miles South of Melrose— and if you look to the North, you can see New Hampshire (although, with no clear landmark, you may not realize that’s what you’re looking at). During the winter, there are hundreds of people sledding on this hilly terrain that was a ski area at one time; there are still some “ruins” of the old equipment. 

Melrose is a tight-knit, historically hard-working/ blue-collar community. Modest single-family homes line the streets of the 5-square-mile city, with two-family and multi-family homes scattered here-and-there. Those who grow up in Melrose often return in adulthood, looking to buy homes there to settle down and raise their own families. 

Proximity to Boston is certainly an attraction, with the ease of Rt. 1 and I-93 plus 3 MBTA commuter-rail stations and an Orange Line T-stop (just over the southwestern border in Malden) to get you there quickly. But, there is plenty to do in Melrose and unlike other suburbs, it is very walkable. Mom-and-Pop shops line the streets of the downtown area known for its beautiful Victorian Architecture. Once a dry town, it is now teeming with a diverse variety of restaurants and bars.

In addition to Mt. Hood Memorial Park and Golf Course, Nature-lovers will be thrilled to find Pine Banks Park, but they will absolutely fall in love with Middlesex Fells Reservation. Known simply as The Fells, the 2200-acre outdoor recreation area encompasses most of the Melrose’s border to the West, and spreads across 4 neighboring towns, as well. The Fells offers an impressive array of outdoor activities–biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding and the Stone Zoo–that you wouldn’t expect to find so close to Boston. 

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