Spotlight on Natick, MA Spotlight on Natick, MA

Spotlight on Natick, MA

Moving into a new home can be an exciting adventure. However, moving can be costly, especially when you factor in the cost of packing, supplies, and the moving truck fees. Fortunately, you can still have a smooth move without breaking the bank. Cut some avoidable expenses and make your move as swift as possible with these suggestions.

Move Off-Season

Moving off-season can save you a lot of money. In summer and spring, moving companies serve a lot of customers, and they charge more than they do on other days. When you make the move off-season, you save a lot of money as the moving companies are short on customers. You should move during the week and not on weekends and mid-month instead of month-end.

Leave Some Heavy Items Behind

Heavy items will cost you more to move. The moving company will weigh the items you need to move to estimate the moving cost. Instead of bringing everything in your house, you should throw away items, such as old furniture and electronics you do not need. You can sell these items in a garage sale, give them off to charity, or give them away to friends and family.

Use Free Moving Supplies

Instead of spending your money on cardboard boxes and bubble wraps, you can use the available materials, such as newspapers, suitcases, used boxes from friends, and your towels to protect delicate items. You can also get free moving boxes from sites, such as Freecycle, Craigslist, and You should pack yourself to ensure everything is packed smart.

Ask for Help From Friends and Family

Instead of contracting people to help you pack and unpack your items, you could request your friends to help you do the packing. You will save some dollars when you do that, and you can make the process faster. You can do some of the packing with your family, but lifting heavy items might prove challenging, and this is what you ask for help.

Moving companies have discounts in different times of the year. Remember to ask when discounts are offered and whether they are available when you plan to move. Ask for available discounts. However, in the spirit of saving money, do not hire a moving company that does not mind the safety of your household goods. Contact us today or call us at +1 857-312-3381 to get started. 

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