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Spotlight on Newton, MA

Newton is located seven miles west of downtown Boston and is a historic city settled as early as the 1600s. The area has had several name changes centering around the early name of Cambridge Village. It was officially named Newton in 1691 and was a township for many years until becoming a city in 1874. This city is a unique type without a city center. It is home to 13 villages that make up the city as a whole. Several major local educational institutions have a combined enrollment of nearly 17,000 students. 

Open Spaces in The Garden City

Newton is proud to have several transportation systems an exceptional safety record. Visitors and residents can enjoy being out and about in the city with lots of open spaces and parks. Open spaces make up 19.6 percent of the city. Nearly 55 percent of Newton is public land. There are approximately 1,200 acres of publicly maintained park areas, school grounds, burial grounds, and playgrounds. 

The Newton Free Library

The Newton Free Library is usually the busiest library in Massachusetts. It has an annual gala and a large support network. The library offers lots of programming for people of all ages as well as assistance for the elderly and disabled. The collections include a large selection of digital items and local historical publications. The library houses a significant number of resources for businesses and those learning English. It also has a large amount of technology and printers available to the public. There is a MakerSpace, a gallery with lots of art, and a 3D printer available for use. 

Prominent Colleges and Universities

Newton is proud to be the home of Boston College, the UMass Amherst – Mount Ida Campus, William James College, and Lasell University. 

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