Spotlight on Sudbury MA Spotlight on Sudbury MA

Spotlight on Sudbury MA

Historic Sudbury, MA is located on the outskirts of Boston. This charming town has a growing population of 18,934. Residents choose to move here for many reasons. They can enjoy easy access to the heart of Boston, varied housing stock, a pleasing climate and lots of things to do all yearlong. There are many schools to pick from, numerous houses of worship and a thriving downtown area with lots of shops. The community has placed a premium on maintaining and keeping up open spaces. That means residents also have access to a great many kinds of outdoor activities. 

Open Land


Many parts of the community are spread out in order to keep the largely rural feel of the town intact. Large wetlands mean this is a community in tune with nature. It also means the Hop Brook corridor can flow freely. Residents can explore the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge on foot or by boat. The Wildlife refuge opened in 2005 is a much-cherished part of the community. It has lots of ponds that serve as a temporary home for migrating birds. Well-marked trails make it easy to see the land on foot. 

The Wayside Inn Historic District

The Wayside Inn Historic District is another important part of the community. The Wayside Inn forms the center of the district. It’s one of the very oldest inns along the east coast, and it dates to 1716. Residents can explore the inn and have a meal at the restaurant. The district includes many buildings that date back more than 100 years. Many of these buildings are open to the public and easy to access. The district is relatively compact, and there’s ample parking, making it easy to walk around and see it in person. 

Historical Roots


Sudbury was incorporated as a town in 1639. Visitors can still see the original town center and meetinghouse today. This was a town that was deeply involved in American colonial history from the very start. The Sudbury Fight was between English settlers and local Native American tribes. Poet and writer Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a number of his most important poems while in residence. Sudbury even has a ZIP code, 01776, that pays homage to the town’s unique historical ties to early colonial America. This is a very affluent place with a median household income of $151,041. 

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