Spotlight on Watertown Spotlight on Watertown

Spotlight on Watertown

With 100+ towns and cities comprising Metro Boston, it’s hard to know where to start your home search–especially if you’re relocating from Out-of-State. To give another frame of reference, we’re Spotlighting some of these great local areas…

One of Boston’s closest neighbors, the Charles River rambles along the Southern border of Watertown creating a natural border between it and Boston. And similar to Cambridge and Somerville, Watertown has enough life to be a stand-alone city without relying on proximity to Boston to make it interesting…but, due to its industrial history, Watertown hasn’t always been considered an ideal place to live. 

America’s first grist mill was built in the riverside town in the mid-17th century, propelling Watertown into rapid industrial success as a mill town and an early hub of trade and commerce. At that time, it was considered the gateway to the Western part of the state (as the old adage goes, “Anything West of Boston is Western MA.”). Factories and mills continued to heavily occupy Watertown until the end of the 20th century. In recent years, the city has transitioned into an affordable and engaging urban area that just happens to be minutes away from Boston. 

The neighborhoods within the city have retained some of the historic charm, including charming downtown areas, but Watertown has been no exception to the aggressive development and housing booms taking place all over Greater Boston. The anticipated completion (Fall 2020) of Arsenal Yards represents the culmination of these upgrades that create the New Watertown. 

In her recent piece, Hipsturbia: Millennials Seek A New Kind Of Suburb in Watertown Debora Almeida of Senne (Real Estate, Design, Development & Property Management), gives an accurate analysis of what you can expect from Watertown:

“One of the major developments in Watertown that will be a draw for millennials is Arsenal Yards, which should be completed by Fall 2020. This multi-use development will have shopping, dining, entertainment, fitness, and green outdoor spaces. The complex will also have offices and apartment units when completed. These multi-purpose live-work-play spaces give young professionals the conveniences of a city, in the suburbs.” READ MORE…

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