Spotlight on Wellesley MA Spotlight on Wellesley MA

Spotlight on Wellesley MA

Even though Wellesley is just about 12 miles from Boston, its Colonial architecture and New England make it feel like it’s thousands of miles away from the city life. In Wellesley, you’ll find sidewalk-lined streets, plenty of space, and an easier way to access the big city. So what is so good about Wellesley?

Spotlight On Wellesley Ma

Here are top reasons why many people leave other parts of the country and move to Wellesley:

Great Public Schools 

There is arguably nothing that gives a parent joy than knowing that her child is getting a quality education. If you’re a parent and would love to get your child into one of the best public schools in the entire country, then Wellesley is a great place to move to. Public schools in Wellesley have been frequently ranked as the best in the country.

In these schools, students can enroll in a variety of advanced placement (AP) classes and frequently receive multiple A+ ratings in academics as well as college readiness.

You’ll Always Shop Local 

In Wellesley, you’re likely to find locally owned businesses almost everywhere you go. What’s even better is the fact that the entire town is very proud of its local businesses and usually takes time to celebrate them. Regardless of whether you go out for a beer or for some healthy eats, you’ll always find a local business you can support.

Fitness Clubs 

Almost everyone loves to get delicious food from delightful restaurants. However, where do you go the moment you want to burn it all off? One of the best things about Wellesley is that it has plenty of options for those who want to stay active. Regardless of the type of fitness class you’re looking for, you’ll certainly find one that fits your budget and workout routine.

Access to Public Transportation

Moving to the suburbs doesn’t always mean that you have to spend the entire day driving around looking for suitable parking spots. According to the latest studies, the total number of people who use public transportation in Wellesley is about 85% more than the national average. This tells you that public transportation in Wellesley is accessible and convenient for many people.

Proximity to Boston 

As mentioned earlier, Wellesley is only 12 miles away from Boston. Therefore, even after moving to a quiet town like Wellesley, you can still access that big city life most people crave for. The best part is that plenty of great commuters are available to take you to and from Boston.

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