What Makes Portland, ME a Great Place to Live? What Makes Portland, ME a Great Place to Live?

What Makes Portland, ME a Great Place to Live?

Why Should You Consider Moving to Portland?

Portland, Maine is famous for many things. It’s home to a variety of lighthouses that dot the ocean landscape. Portland has a rich history as the closest U.S. transatlantic port to Europe. Portland is considered the largest city in Maine, with a current population of 68,313. But what else is the town reputed for?

Old Port: Portland’s Waterfront and Epicenter

If you enjoy walking along the pier, then Portland’s Old Port is the place to visit. Nothing embodies small town New England charm than Old Port. Here you’ll see a series of local shops and eateries. You can savor a scoop of homemade ice cream, or buy a souvenir right on Commercial Street. You’ll see local fishermen docking boats along the edge.

The best part of Old Port is the old Standard Bakery, with its home baked French baguettes, handmade croissants, and other locally made pastries served fresh and hot from the oven. The Standard Bakery offers several different delicacies you can enjoy, both indoors and outdoors. And speaking of outdoors, let’s not forget the region’s parks, most notably, the Eastern Promendade.

What Makes the Eastern Promendade so Special?

If you love the outdoors, then the Eastern Promendade is the right place. Designed by the Olmstead brothers, the Promendade is home to hiking and biking trails, and has several sports facilities. It’s home to the historic Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum, where you can see antique rail cars and even take a ride along the waterfront by railway.

The Promendade has plenty of things for the family to enjoy. Kids can explore a vast playground that overlooks the wide Atlantic. And if you need to grab lunch, you can visit any one of the food trucks within the park.

Are There Any Other Events?

The short answer is yes. Portland is home to several annual festivals. There’s the Greek Festival, offered by a local orthodox church. Or, you can sample local food at the Kelp Harvest in late April. Plus, there’s concerts at the Merrill Auditorium.

Who Are Maine’s Most Famous Residents?

Portland is home to many famous residents. One is Patrick Dempsey of Grey’s Anatomy. Another is Judd Nelson from the Breakfast Club. But if you’re a horror buff, it shouldn’t surprise you that Stephen King was also born there. In fact, some of his novels took place in rural Maine. So if you ever want to live there, you may have some very interesting neighbors.

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