What will Allston Christmas look like In the Time of Covid? What will Allston Christmas look like In the Time of Covid?

What will Allston Christmas look like In the Time of Covid?

September 1st, AKA: Allston Christmas

it’s a storied tradition here in Boston. With about 65%-75% of apartment leases in Boston beginning on September 1st, you could say despite the fun-sounding name, it isn’t exactly a “holiday” that Bostonians await with childlike-anticipation. In fact, it’s more like the opposite–if your September 1st move is keeping you up at night, it is likely due to the high-level of anxiety this day arouses, especially for residents of Beacon Hill, Mission Hill, The Fenway, Brighton and (obviously) Allston. Heaps of unwanted furniture and mattresses piled on the sidewalk create unsightly obstacles ahead of trash day. Moving Truck Permits cover utility poles, lampposts, trees and fences. Moving Companies and DIY-ers in Uhauls battle for positioning. Everyone is watching the clock, whether due to the strict time-constraints or the peak-season hourly rates they are paying their movers (usually both).

But what will September 1st look like this year?

Comparatively, the Greater Boston Moving Industry has weathered the economic storm set off by the COVID Stay-At-Home Advisory better than most sectors. The Essential Worker designation combined with Record Low Interest Rates and a Real Estate market that became smoking hot for Buyers, meant that the moving industry was able to continue with business-as-ALMOST-usual (with established precautions protocols in place). Generally speaking though, many companies are running with smaller crews as a precautionary measure this season; the uncertainty in the spring led to fewer H2B foreign workers and less seasonal hiring overall. 


So, will these necessary adjustments affect the September 1st Status Quo?


Will the staggered approach to College Move-Ins have an impact? 


Will there be an Allston Christmas this year? We’ll just have to wait and see…


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