The Benefits of an Interstate Move with Exela The Benefits of an Interstate Move with Exela

The Benefits of an Interstate Move with Exela

No matter how prepared you are, how many times you’ve moved or how great your Moving Company is…

Moving Is Stressful!

There’s no denying that moving is an emotionally-charged process. From nerves to nostalgia you’re certain to run the gamut of feelings, especially if you’re moving to a New City or a New State. So, it is incredibly important to establish a level of personal comfort with your Moving Company.


*That’s where Exela comes in.*


Exela Movers is a small-business run by a hands-on owner. What could be more ideal than working directly with the owner to plan your move?


And, if you’re moving out-of-state, no need to worry about van lines or subcontractorsExela Movers handles the whole move from start to finish. We call this a Point-to-Point move.

Without a doubt, using a company that handles long distance moves from Point-To-Point should be a top priority. A Point-to-Point Move means you only have one company handling the entire process from start to finish with direct delivery at your new home (no middleman, no freight shipper, no van lines). 

We’ll walk you through the process:

Step 1: You Request an Estimate via Exela’s website [CLICK HERE TO REQUEST AN ESTIMATE]

Step 2: Schedule a Virtual Walk-Through to confirm pricing and details

Step 3: Sign the Contract, Pay the Deposit, Schedule your Pick Up and Delivery Dates 

Step 4: Exela’s Employees arrive to move you out of your current home, they transport your belongings to your new city and deliver them to you a few days later, on the date you chose

Step 5: You settle into your New Home


When you choose a moving company that works with a middleman, freight shipper or van line, your move will NOT be as simple as Point-to-Point. Instead of direct delivery to your new home, your belongings will first be moved to a warehouse. While awaiting pick-up by a van line or freight shipper, your prized possessions will be stored at the warehouse for an undetermined amount of time (often 2 weeks or more). Where do you go while your belongings are in limbo? [READ MORE ABOUT THE VAN LINES METHOD HERE]

As we all know, 2020 dealt us all a whole new set of complications to deal with (and thus far 2021 isn’t doing us any favors), but your moving company shouldn’t to be one of them. So, if you need to move out-of-state in these Unprecedented Times (anyone else miss “Precedented” Times?), you want to be absolutely certain you’ve picked the right company to handle your move. Now, more than ever, do not underestimate:

*The importance of knowing exactly when your belongings will arrive,  

*The relief of having your belongings arrive directly and without delay,

*The value of having your entire Move handled by One Company.


Contact Exela TODAY to start planning your Move: Get an Estimate


Check out these Google Reviews from some of Exela’s Recent Interstate Move Customers:


“My wife and I were moving from a 1bd apartment in MA to a house in NH…Trust that if you hire them, it will be worth it.” Michael M.


“Exela Movers was fantastic for our move from Boston to Baltimore…in addition to the five-star service, Exela was cheaper than the competition. I’d use them again in a heartbeat!” Mark D.


“Such a pleasant, responsive moving company! We did an out of state move…They packed everything carefully and disassembled and reassembled our furniture. Really friendly, helpful staff – and a great value with transparent pricing. I cannot recommend enough.” Shreya K


“Researched movers and read about a lot of interesting stories. When we found Exela and read their reviews there was nothing but praise…Our move was from Revere MA to Fort Myers Florida. We were informed of each step of the trip…Price was exactly as quoted no hidden costs. We are about 75 percent unpacked and everything including the china we packed is in perfect condition. We highly recommend them and will use them again.” Arnie S





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